Design Ideas for a Engraved Beer Glass

Engraved beer glass or mug is the perfect holiday gift for beer connoisseurs, home brewers or anyone who enjoys an occasional glass of suds. Of course, beer is one of those drinks that can be enjoyed in nearly any type of drinking vessel, but having a personalized piece of glassware for the sole purpose of drinking a quality brew makes it that much more enjoyable. Click below to get your engraved beer glass today!

Cheers To You!© 25 oz. Engraved Beer Mug

Cheers!© 25 oz. Personalized Beer Mug

Styles of Beer Glassware

Just as there are many styles of beer, there are many types of engraved beer glasses that can be used to drink beer. Some of the more common styles are pint glasses for English or Irish beers, German beer steins, pilsner glasses, wheat beer glasses, tulip glasses for lambics and highly carbonated beers, Stranges and Bechers for Kölsch and Altbier and goblets for heavier beers such as bocks or heavy Belgian ales.

Average Prices

Engraved beer glasses come in a wide range of price points. Generally, you’ll pay the retail price of the glass as the base price then the price of engraving a pre-determined amount of letters is added to that price. For instance, an engraved 16 oz. drinking jar averages around $10.00, while a schooner style goblet may average about $25.00. Additionally, some engraving companies offer custom engraved designs on the glassware for an additional fee.

Design Ideas

Whether you are a casual drinker or a seasoned home brewer, an engraved beer glass can begin a lively conversation when enjoying a brew with friends. Additionally, an engraved beer glass with a personal design can create a stir at your next get-together. Some favored designs include zodiac signs, Scottish Clan Crests, military branch insignia, fire and police insignia, sports designs, Christian designs, Celtic designs and animal or insect designs.

Things to Consider

When purchasing an engraved beer glass, there are some things you may want to consider. First and foremost, you need to think about what message you would like to have engraved and whether or not you’d like to have a design placed on the glassware. Secondarily, the type of beer glass you want to have engraved will be dependent upon what type of beer you intend to drink from it. If you are giving the glass as a gift, you’ll want to purchase a style that reflects the recipient’s favored beer style.


Since an engraved beer glass is often personalized, it’s important to know that it is probably not a returnable item. Of course, in the event that the engraving company has made a mistake in spelling or design, you would need to contact the company and try to get this corrected. With that in mind, when submitting the design and personalization online, be sure to check the spelling at least twice then have someone else check it as well.

Engraved beer glasses are a unique and personal way to let someone know you’re thinking about them. The recipient will not only be thrilled to receive such an item, but will also be reminded of the person who gave them the gift each time they use it.

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