Five Essential Beer Glasses

Understanding the vast array of beer glasses available for beer can seem overwhelming; however, while there is a beer glass specifically engineered for each type of beer, many beer glass options allow for flexibility that allows the casual beer drinker, as well as the aficionado, to enjoy a variety of brews with a collection of essential, versatile beer glasses.

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While there are many other types of beer glasses on the market, such as flute, tulip glasses, goblets and snifters, here are five fundamental beer glasses that should reside in any collection:

1. Stange

stange beer glass

A stange beer glass is tall and slender with a slight flare at the top and is traditionally used for delicate beers such as Kolsch, Altbier, Lambic and Czech Pilsener. A stange is used by beer aficionados to enhance the tone of hops and malt and is a traditional German beer glass, hence the German name stange, which translates to rod, or stick.

2. Pint Glass

pint beer glass

The pint glass is the quintessential beer glass of choice in the UK and U.S. and is ideal for English and American ales, stouts and porters. This beer glass features a wide mouth and a bit of a taper and is able to accommodate a good amount of head, when needed. Pint glasses come in a variety of styles including the German becker, the American tumbler and the nonic.

3. Pilsner

pilsner beer glass

Not to be mistaken for the similar weizen beer glass, the pilsner lacks the curve of a weizen and is a tapered, tall, slender beer glass used for pilsners, as well as many light beers, and is designed to enhance volatiles, retain head and put the beer’s color and clarity on display.

4. Weizen

weizen beer glasses

Also known as a wheat beer glass, and not be confused with the popular pilsner beer glass, the weizen is a traditional Belgian and German beer glass used for wheat beer (weizenbier). Tall, slender and delicately curved, the weizen beer glass accommodates the excellent head that graces wheat beers, promotes aroma retention and shows off the color of the beer inside.

5. Beer Mug

beer mug

The beer mug, also commonly referred to as a stein, seidel or tankard depending on the particular style, is designed for large volume and versatility. This beer glass is the sturdiest and most enjoyable option for clinking during toasts and is used from a wide variety of beers including American, English and Irish ales, porters and stouts and German lagers.

Head development and retention, aroma and the capturing of volatiles are important considerations when selecting the perfect beer glass for the beer being served. With a versatile collection of beer glasses at your disposal, you will be prepared to serve any beer that comes your way and to enjoy each of your carefully selected brews to the fullest.

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